Promwad has developed an AI-based application for purchasing goods from video

Our team has partnered with the startup Oyper to create the first app in Europe to search and buy clothing from video streams. Some companies around the world have "taught" their applications to recognize items from visual content. Most of them continue to work with images while we move into the world of video shopping. 

Even before coronavirus, the world witnessed an increasing trend in online shopping, but quarantine increased the development of e-commerce to a greater extent. Besides, people watch thousands of movies, TV series and shows, Youtube, and social network videos.

How does our application work? While watching, the user starts the scanner to search for clothes by pressing a button or touching a screen. If several people are in the scene, the system will show all their clothing and choose between them. There is also a filtering by price in our app: if a favorite item on the blogger or actor from the movie does not fit the viewer's budget, the application will show alternatives in other price segments. 

The application uses computer vision technology and the neural network, which is responsible for the quality of the selection. The app was originally for set-top boxes, but it soon became apparent that we can cover more content. Thanks to our digital TV and software development expertise, it became possible to implement a version of the application for Smart TV and users of Android smartphones and tablets. We also plan to implement a function for social network players.

Our nearest plans are to launch a shopping function for furniture, electronics, and cars. Everything in stock online can be searched in our application in the future. 

Do not miss the moment for the profitable implementation of our AI-application in your projects. Contact us via the link below or by using the form.


Our solutions for digital TV


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IPTV STB mit DVB-T / S / S2Wir haben eine digitale IPTV-STB mit DVB-T- und DVB-S / S2-Unterstützung entwickelt, die auf dem SMP8654-Prozessor von SigmaDesigns basiert

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