Promwad, Experte in Hardware-Design und Embedded-Software-Entwicklung, und die Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH gehen eine gemeinsame...
03 February 2023
Heute sind wir bereit, die Entwicklungsstrategie unseres Unternehmens und ihre wichtigsten Punkte vorzustellen.
24 January 2023
Promwad ist der EtherCAT Technology Group beigetreten, um Hard- und Softwarelösungen für Elektronik auf Basis von EtherCAT zu entwickeln.
03 August 2022
Wir helfen unseren Kunden bei der Bewältigung dieser Probleme, indem wir knappe Bauteile in einer Vielzahl von Seriengeräten ersetzen.
24 December 2021
Promwad eröffnet ein lokales Büro in Deutschland, um 16 Jahre vielfältige Hard- und Softwareproduktentwicklungserfahrung in die DACH-Region zu...
05 March 2021
Promwad team has adapted OpenWRT-based firmware to ensure its correct operation on routers produced by various vendors.
09 July 2020
GoodFirms experts have performed an analysis among high in demand electronics design houses and create the rating of the most expert companies.
19 May 2020
Now is time to think about moving manufacturing sites to the Baltics. Or not? View of Promwad technical expert.
22 April 2020
This partnership will let our customers both reduce the time it takes to develop and bring the device to market and provide financial benefits.
14 April 2020
Promwad, as a program member, got benefits to provide cost-effective full turnkey design services & manufacturing support on time.
09 April 2020
China accounts for about 35% of chip sales. Is it worth transferring production to other countries and is it real?
03 March 2020
The company's experience, variety of services, and successful projects allowed us to be the first. Which of them – read in our article.
28 February 2020