Neuigkeiten von Chipanbietern

The new universal systems on the BG22 chips are designed for both commercial and home devices as well as industrial applications.
10 January 2020
STMicroelectronics will provide wireless connectivity and software updates for the Telemaco3P family of microprocessors.
13 December 2019
Find out some insights about new 7EV, 11EG MPSoCs, and a free Vitis platform.
22 November 2019
The AI IoT market is poised for growth as connected devices need to do more processing at the edge and are being integrated into new product lines.
18 October 2019
The wind of changes is blowing in the field of processor architecture approach. Which business model will dominate in our ever-evolving industry?
16 October 2019
We compared two competitors in the market of Wifi modules for IoT. All you need is to choose.
11 October 2019
After 5 years of development effort made by Xilinx engineers, there is a new software suit.
07 October 2019
Watch the video about the new AI solution from Intel.
04 October 2019
Following the acquisition, both companies will continue with their existing product lines with a joint worldwide sales presence.
02 September 2019
Xilinx recently shed light on its new development, the world's largest FPGA Virtex Ultrascale+ VU19P.
28 August 2019
Xilinx announced the purchase of NGCodec last month. Together, the companies will be able to make a breakthrough in cloud applications.
13 August 2019
An accurate fine ranging for applications and interoperability across the ecosystem of the chipset with the new alliance.
12 August 2019