Wir möchten uns bei allen bedanken, die den betroffenen Menschen in der Ukraine geholfen haben - mit Rat und Tat.
08 April 2022
Our experts had a 16-hours training to find out more about development of safety-critical systems and software development for ARC Processor IP cores.
22 June 2020
This day we give thanks women who share their creativity and knowledge for developing our company and industry.
11 March 2020
Be adventurous and go beyond the limits together with Promwad! Enjoy the video from Kazbek, Georgia.
21 August 2019
Today we reveal the details of the VR project, for example, what exactly our candidates see inside the headset.
29 July 2019
We are implementing an unusual scenario for interviews: the applicant is offered to wear an Oculus Go virtual reality headset to see their future...
22 July 2019
On July 13-14, Promwad team traditionally takes part in the annual sporting event, organized by Adventure race federation — Travers Adventure Race.
09 July 2019
Our colleague Ksenia Yermakovich also went to France to get a unique opportunity to repeat the mythical "feat", and we are in a hurry to share how...
27 June 2019
On June 20 people from many different countries celebrate World Refugee Day. In February, at the initiative of United Nations High Commissioner for...
24 June 2019
We find this joke rather relatable to our most crazy project involvement readiness :)
07 June 2019
Fifteen years have passed since the Promwad innovation company started its activity in the field of electronics development. In honor of this...
03 June 2019
All the elements of your new device must be successfully released in the mass production. To ensure this, we carry out deep hardware analysis.
17 May 2019