Promwad secured a design-win for automatic transfer switch

Backed by multi-years experience in designing industrial controllers for the energy & electricity sector, Promwad designs one more design-win - automatic transfer switch development. The device provides a power supply of load circuits with nominal voltage 220V AC from two power inputs. As a result, automatic switching from one power input to another will be ensured in case of insufficient voltage or its loss.

Unexpected problems with the power supply can cause both inconvenience and financial challenges. 



An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a microprocessor device that allows switching a load between two sources automatically when it detects loss or gain power in one of the sources. ATS also can plug in another source of energy, e.g., generator or battery pack. As a result of the implementation of automatic TS, the customer will receive benefits that cannot be reached with manual and non-automatic ones.

Depending on the ATS work principle, there are two main types of transition – open and closed. They are determined by when the load is switched from one power source to another.

In Promwad, we're developing the automatic transfer switch with an open transition. It means that ATS connects to the second source after disconnecting from the first. Connection to the second source takes a split of a second. Therefore the operability of electrical appliances with this type of transition does not suffer. Closed transition involves connecting to a second source before disconnecting from the first one.

At the end of Promwad team's work, our customer will receive a modern device that increases the reliability of equipment power supply as well as the possibility of its integration into automated control systems. Feel free to contact us with any questions by the link below.



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